We manufacture quality fastener products without compromise.

Our company is pursuing new technologies, and increasing "Quality Level" and "Productivity" by keeping customers' needs in mind and along with the Skilled Team.

We aim to be the "Leader" in our sector by our principles "Quality cannot be controlled but can be produced", by the compliant material "Good Quality Product" can be produced.

At Vikas Industries we follow Stringent quality measurements for ensuring flawless quality to meet customer requirements. All the manufacturing facilities are equipped with world class lab testing facilities to ensure dispatch of nothing but the best quality of products.  We value quality above everything else. We promise our customers the very best, and no stone is left unturned in our efforts to meet this promise. Our adherence to this ethos is supported by quality certifications which our products have been awarded with.

Quality Trust

- One of the Most Modern Equipped In-House Lab to ensure the best standards of Wire Production
- Spectro Enabled Lab for Optimum Results
- A laboratory, complete with test equipment's calibrated to national standards are in place
- It is capable of conducting chemical analysis.

Design Engineering

The company has an experienced team of technical personnel along with CAD expertise. They are continuously engaged in advanced product planning, tool designing and their continual improvement. The new era has witnessed the innovation of new technologies day by day. Technological innovations are extensively researched in the process of creating new designs at Vikas Industries.

Tool Room

The tool room has the proven capability of developing tooling solutions for almost all applications. We have a fully equipped tool room with modern precision machineries and tool hardening furnaces for each unit. High precision tools play a critical role in the production of quality products. All the tools are thoroughly tested in the tool room. The company has a separate tool inspection department for examining the tools. All the tools are well tested and inspected carefully before handing them over to the production department.

Vikas Industries

Quality Inspection

Vikas Industries India Quality Testing Lab
Vikas Industries India Quality Testing Lab
Vikas Industries India Quality Testing Lab
Vikas Industries India Quality Testing Lab

Vikas Industries

Product Range